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What I'm up to now...a story that brings Billy the Kid and Jane Austen to 21st Century Albuquerque

Fresh Start

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(When you read the book you'll  enjoy the meaning of the above graphic and the lemons below.)

Miranda is engaged in a one-woman scavenger hunt for redemption.

She’s hit rock bottom—broke, disowned, and abandoned in Albuquerque, 1,600 miles from her home.

All she has left is a guilty conscience and a life-changing to-do list with a warning.

“Ignore your instincts. It’s your only hope.”

If she follows the list, will she do the right thing when she meets the wrong man?

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Exit Signs 4a Final 505x825 (1).jpg

Tracy Price is a serious researcher. Then she meets minor rock star Jesse Elliot and the only question on her mind is, "May I sit on your lap?"

He's trying to write a memoir that will bare his soul without invading his privacy, and Tracy is trying to track  a writer who vanished more than 70 years ago.

It all takes place in New Mexico.


Snack time at Tracy's house 
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