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The draft is done...

It all comes down to this: Is the man in the striped sweater Billy? All the experts say no. But Billy himself may have a different answer.


Waking Billy the Kid

He sleepwalks through centuries to wake her up. And if she can convince him to change his past, he’ll change her future.


A visit from the Old West’s most infamous outlaw is the last thing 21st century widow CJ Oliver needs. But what’s one more ghost to a woman who’s already haunted by her past, her present, and a future she doesn’t believe in. Her life is like the Titanic, speeding toward a field of icebergs.

  • At 30, CJ is mired in anger and sadness over her late husband Will, who abandoned her without explanation when she told him she was pregnant with daughter Sophie, who’s now four.

  • Her family's curio business in Albuquerque is failing under her management.

  •  And she believes she’s responsible for convincing Henry, a history professor, to take a controversial stand that might cause him to lose his job and relocate.

Everything changes when Henry takes CJ to the historically preserved Old West town of Lincoln, New Mexico. Billy the Kid appears to her, insisting he's not dead and determined to get back to his nineteenth century life--even when he finds out he's facing certain death.


Henry is the only person CJ tells about Billy’s presence. She trusts Henry. And Henry loves her. But CJ can't move on after her late husband's ultimate betrayal.

With Billy's help, she may find the answers to the questions haunting her. And with her help, he may be able to change the past and have a peaceful life.

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